From the 2nd of October 2019 the practice that is being followed regarding the electronic filing of the HE4, HE57 and HE2 through the e-filing system of the Department of Registrar of Companies, changes.

The electronic forms HE4, HE57 and HE2 from 02/10/2019 in order to be submitted through the Efiling System must be accompanied by the certification of the Company’s Secretary.

The certification from the company’s Secretary should state that the changes are in accordance with the Register which is kept at the registered office of the company. In case of notification of the resignation and appointment of a new Secretary the certification must be signed by both the resigning Secretary and the new Secretary and their names and surnames must be written in full.

Where the resigning Secretary cannot be located and/or is not willing to sign the said document for any reason, the Registrar of Companies has the right to request any additional information or documents proving that the change actually took place.