Kyprianos Matheou is our firm's consultant in Administrative, Real Estate/Immovable Property, Construction, Town Planning and Brexit matters.   

Kyprianos has an undergraduate degree in Commerce and Economics from the University of Cairo and two postgraduate degrees, a Postgraduate Diploma in Development Administration from the  Institute of Social Studies in the Hague, Netherlands, and a Masters degree in Public Administration from the State University of New York at Albany.

He has vast work experience in public administration obtained from various positions through which he had extensive input in the formulation of the Land registry laws, implementation of policies and projects, formulation, promotion and implementation of local plans, area schemes and town planning legislation. 

From 1980 – 1987, he served as the Administrative Secretary of the Planning Board of the Republic of Cyprus. 

From 1996-2005, Kypros was the District Officer of Larnaca. His duties involved enforcement of local administration regulations and legislation on a daily basis such as the Municipalities Law, the Immovable Property Laws, Town and Country Planning law and the Streets and Buildings Law. 

From 1996-2005 he served as Chairman of the Waterboard of Larnaca.

From 2005-2019 he served as the Area Officer of the Akrotiri Sovereign Base Area (SBA). His main duties involved enforcement of the SBA legislation and regulations, control of development within the SBA and consultation on the introduction of planning legislation in the SBA, consultation and liaison with the local authorities within the SBA and the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus on all administrative matters of their respective compentence including the Limassol New Port Extension, the Limassol Desalination Project and Brexit.       

He speaks Greek and English fluently, has a good command of French and basic knowledge of Turkish and Arabic.